R E A D Y, S E T, GO!


Life is way too short for not dressing up to your very own and unique flamboyance. 

And this is defintely not a question about budgets.


No money at all can buy yourself into the magic of sophisticated style and timeless class. 
And be assured: it isn't available „To Go“ or delivered „Next Day“!

It’s all already there inside yourself! 
Let’s go and get your shiny sparkles across all floors.

Book an appointment now ???? We'll be delighted to see and perfectly prepared to serve you❣️


The Eden Pirate Tails - Another HvE Masterpiece❣️

Eco Chic.
Linen-Blend w/ Virgin Wool.
Contrast w/ Silk and Amaretta.
Amazing Buttons.
Limited Edition - 6 Pieces Only 
(3 pcs. still available).

Yours truly


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