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Ladies, Gentlemen & Everyone❣️


The recent past has been most challenging to all of us.

The world is changing rapidly. Rough and cruel times are coming closer and surrounding us. The struggle is on and surely for too long.

We have to get moving.




Luckily, for us at Herr von Eden, looking back at all our efforts and achievements during the very last year, it is clear that we got everything right on track!


With establishing our own independent and fully pro equipped atelier and manufacture production facility in Hamburg, a solid ground for a sophisticated classy Herr von Eden unisex future has been secured❣️


All HvE stores are set and now finally have been trusted into professional retail managers hands❣️


And the sweetest cherry on top just has been dropped:




Our NEW HERR VON EDEN UNISEX COLLECTION has been given into productions!


Each and every precious piece of the total of sixty has been created with the utmost passion and greatest motivation I have ever been experiencing up until now.

It was huge.

I gave it all… 

...and the world's about to see that there is no brand with a love for fashion available like ours.


Now it's time for a break - I will be offline next week.

Spending my holidays at home with my loved ones - simply the best❣️


See Y’all Tomorrow @herrvoneden.berlin




Stay Classy❣️


Tailorboy & HvE Dreamteam









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